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Experience A Painless Childbirth

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"It's hard for me to find the words to express how grateful I am that I found Giuditta. From the early days of my pregnancy to the birth of my son, and through my postpartum journey she has been an incredible support. I really often wonder what my experience would have been like if I hadn't had her. I would single handedly credit HER with making my birth experience one that I dreamed of. She had the most incredible techniques through labor that moved my son down and out in record time, and looking back I feel that my birth was painless. "

Jenniker K.

"Giuditta is a true professional who is not only an expert in the field, but her light hearted way eases the tension during what some would call the most dramatic experience of your life. We went into the labor process confident for what was coming and having her support before, during and after was completely necessary for all the unknowns that came our way. Giuditta showed us ways to play with our newborn, proper hygiene techniques and outlined our daily routine/ritual. 

Maisha C.

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