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Birth Doula

Doula Giuditta has over 17 years experience as a birth doula serving over 700 families in the greater Los Angeles area.

Cesarean Scar Massage

Let us show you how to care for your cesarean scar so that it transforms into a gentle line with little to no adhesions.  

Postpartum Doula

Postpartum care is not just about the baby wellbeing, we make sure mom and the entire family is cared for.

Hypnosis for birth

Doula Giuditta can help you prepare for a gentle birth with hypnosis for birth.

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Sleep Lab

We don't believe your child needs to cry to learn how to sleep, let us help you with our gentle approach to sleep training.


Doula Giuditta teaches workshops based on her books all over the world

What Doula Giuditta talk about her book

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