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Cesarean Scar Massage


Our bodies have a tremendous ability to heal themselves. After  surgery, tissues have to reconnect themselves, and literally weave a web that will strengthen the scar site. In this process, connective tissues are laid down, often in a haphazard way. In a great effort to find union again, the connective tissue may bind to the wall of the abdomen, to the organs in the pelvis, or to the pelvic fascia. Sometimes it wraps around the intestine, or pulls the uterus and bladder off to one side. 


Women may experience pain with bowel movements, bladder incontinence, hip pain, headaches, or any number of complaints related to the pulling of adhesions in the abdomen.

Problems associated with scar tissue adhesions 

Pelvic Pain, Low back pain, sciatica, intestinal cramping, uterine cramping, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapsed.


For this service doula Giuditta will come to your home and teach you the technique, this means a meeting of 45 minutes as an intake, and evaluation. I will then teach you the technique as this is a self-massage you need to lean and do yourself every night for as long as it is needed depending on the scar you have. The actually massage has been designed to be just an 8 minute technique, but you do need instructions and evaluation.

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