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Take the Stress out of Postpartum:
Enroll in Our Virtual Doula Program Today!

Are you a new or expecting parent looking for support and guidance during the postpartum period? Are you concerned with the potential of postpartum depression? Did you know that the most common causes of pp depression are the following?

  • Hormonal changes

  • Lack of sleep

  • History of depression in the mom/immediate family

  • Lack of emotional support

  • Anxiety about caring for her newborn

  • Distance – physical and/or emotional from new mom’s own mother/family

  • Isolation

  • Unmet physical needs

  • Challenge of breastfeeding

  • “Over-doing it”- lack of rest

Introducing Our Postpartum Support Program: Overcoming Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Together!

  1. Restful Sleep: We help you develop strategies for improving sleep quality and establishing healthy sleep routines, essential for combating postpartum depression and anxiety.

  2. Comprehensive Support: Our team is experienced in supporting individuals with a history of depression, offering professional referrals to help you manage and reduce the risk of postpartum mood disorders.

  3. Emotional Nurturing: With our program, you'll receive the emotional support you need to navigate the challenges of caring for your newborn and manage any anxieties that arise.

  4. Building a Support Network: We assist in creating a strong support network, connecting you with resources, groups, and professionals who understand and can offer guidance during your postpartum journey.

  5. Addressing Isolation: Our program focuses on combating isolation, promoting social connections and meaningful relationships with others experiencing similar challenges.

  6. Meeting Physical Needs: We prioritize your physical well-being by addressing unmet physical needs and offering strategies for self-care and nourishment.

  7. Breastfeeding Support:

    • Resolve breast engorgement

    • Obtain a great latch

    • Increase your milk production

    • Prevent mastitis.  Our experienced consultants provide assistance and guidance to overcome breastfeeding challenges, ensuring a positive experience for you and your baby.

    • Pumping/storing/freezing/dehydrating 

  8. Rest and Recovery: We emphasize the importance of rest and self-care, helping you find a balance that supports your physical and emotional recovery.

​​We understand that the transition to parenthood can be overwhelming, and that's why we have developed our Virtual Postpartum Doula Program. Our team of experienced and compassionate doulas is here to provide you with the support you need from the comfort of your own home.

​Together, we'll create a nurturing environment for you to thrive and embrace the joys of motherhood.

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Here's how it works

Program Details and Benefits

  1. Personalized Support: Our virtual doulas are dedicated to providing personalized support tailored to your specific needs. Through virtual meetings, phone calls, and messaging, we will be there to answer your questions, provide guidance, and offer emotional support throughout the postpartum period.

  2. Breastfeeding Assistance: Breastfeeding can be a challenging journey for many new parents. Our virtual doulas are experienced in lactation support and can offer valuable guidance and techniques to help you establish a successful breastfeeding relationship with your baby.

  3. Newborn Care Education: Caring for a newborn can be both exciting and overwhelming. Our program includes comprehensive education on newborn care, including topics such as bathing, diapering, soothing techniques, and safe sleep practices. Our doulas will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to care for your baby effectively.

  4. Emotional Support: The postpartum period can bring about a range of emotions, and it's important to have someone to talk to who understands. Our virtual doulas provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to express your feelings and concerns. We offer emotional support and coping strategies to help you navigate this transformative time.

  5. Practical Guidance: From meal planning to organizing your home, our virtual doulas will provide practical guidance to make your postpartum experience more manageable. We will help you create a routine, establish self-care practices, and offer tips for balancing your new responsibilities.

  6. Flexibility and Convenience: Our virtual postpartum doula program offers flexibility and convenience. With virtual meetings, you can access our support from anywhere at a time that works best for you. Whether it's late at night or during nap time, we will be there to support you.

The specifics:

  • Painless Postpartum Program is a 6 weeks  journey. We meet virtually once a week for up to two hours. We strongly feel that after 6 weeks you will feel confident as new parent, but we are here for you and happy to extend our services beyond the 6 weeks.

  • You are given access to videos, evidence-based articles, hands on training, professional referrals , lists of products for you and your baby for the optimum postpartum recovery , and a  much needed non-judgemental emotional support, having a doula is like having a mother without the emotional baggage.

  • Unlimited text support from 9am to 5pm everyday for the 6 weeks. No question is a silly question, enjoy the ability to ask anything any time about you, your baby, products, to understand any challenging and create great strategies to embrace each step of the way.

This plan is going to enable you to sleep longer, help your baby sleep more peacefully,  AND it is designed to support you personally answering all your baby as well as personal care questions.  Your postpartum will go from sleepless nightmare to a satisfying and blissful journey, where you your partner and your baby are getting to know each other followed by an caring expert.   It’s a BOLD PROMISE, I know, but I wouldn’t be making it if I hadn’t seen the results first hand in my life and in the lives of those around me. Most nurses, pediatricians and even doulas only teach your how to fee, burp, change and put your baby to sleep, but there is a whole world or interacting, playing and communication none teaches you. My mission in life to to show you the wonder and talents of your newborn child. Here's what our client's have said about our services.

Don't navigate the postpartum period alone. Invest in our Virtual Postpartum Doula Program to receive expert guidance, emotional support, and valuable education as you embark on this beautiful journey of parenthood.

Contact us today to learn more and sign up for our program. We can't wait to support you during this transformative time!

Codie C.
Los Angeles, CA

Where do I even begin... I wish I could give Giuditta 100000000 STARS.
If I were to explain Giuditta in one word, it would be; MAGIC. My husband and I hired Giuditta to be our Postpartum Doula. That was easily one of the best decisions in my life! No exaggeration. We would have been so lost without her. 
Since we had a traumatic experience with our first child we were even more of a nervous wreck than the average parent. Giuditta calmed all our fears, she was direct, loving, and like I said, pure magic.
She taught us everything there is to know about our newborn. Breastfeeding, the perfect latch, sleep schedules, pumping, playing, bath time, Products and remedies, YOU NAME IT. Not only was she knowledgeable about baby, she made sure to care for me as well. Helping me get naps, "me" time, and reminding me to eat!

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Lindsay B.
San Diego, CA

Giuditta had been the most incredible gift to my husband, my newborn and me In our postpartum journey. Her knowledge and experience instantly put us at ease with our first child. She taught us not only the basics, but also how to play with our baby at various stages, help him develop, eased us into sleep training, helped me with breastfeeding, and guided us with researched backed information on major decisions for our son. She was the mentor we never knew we needed, but would not do it again without her. I would highly recommend Giuditta to help mentor your family.

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Ashley G.
Thousand Oaks, CA

Where to begin! Giuditta was a LIFE SAVER for my family in helping my daughter sleep through the night. I searched high and low to find someone who was on the gentle spectrum of "sleep training" and am so grateful Giuditta was available to help. After one visit from Giuditta and implementing her protocol, my daughter has been sleeping through the night EASILY AND CONSISTENTLY for almost two months now. No screaming, abandonment, anxiety just MUCH NEEDED PEACEFUL REST. Giuditta's gentle approach and guidance were exactly what we needed. We are forever thankful.


Embrace Parenthood with Confidence: Sign up for our Virtual Postpartum Doula Program!


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